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Presentation of the site in English:

Publicado el 04 Diciembre 2019
  1. Visitors from countries where the official language is English are found all over Mexico City. A new website is just the cornerstone of a strategy to welcome them and show them more.
  2. With a new international visitors’ hotline and an App developed to meet their needs, visitors find even more reasons as to why Mexico City is the Cultural Capital of the Americas.

MEXICO CITY, DECEMBER 2019. To turn an international visitors’ website of Mexico City into a useful tool for visitors from English speaking countries (44.6% of the total arriving in Mexico City), plus those from non-Spanish-speaking countries, the Head of the Mexico City Government, Claudia Sheinbaum presented a new Website in English,, developed by Mexico City’s Digital Agency for Public Innovation (Agencia Digital de Innovación Pública), so that international visitors find a truly useful guide to enrich their experiences.

To do the job, based on an analysis of the different sites of this type in the world, a redesign for usability was carried out to allow for a more intuitive and friendly navigation. A data array was created to allow searchers to reach all the contents of the site while recategorizing all of the information so that users can better find answers to questions. International visitors find an information board updated daily, plus extensive maps that allow visitors to better locate points of interest, with filters to zero in on them more quickly.

The new site includes heavy input from the Mexico City Tourism Secretariat responsible for providing much of the current database and basic content of interest to visitors. The Mexico City Secretariat of Culture is also providing the monthly cultural content which can be filtered so that visitor find all the main events of interest and still more about changes to the scheduling or content of events as they occur. In addition to development, ADIP is generating new content including the deeper legends and stories of lesser known places, foods, and historical places of interest, among many others.

The new website is backed up by two important resources:

  • A new Mexico City international visitors’ telephone line.
  • An app with all the essential information and assistance tools for the international visitor.

Mexico City International Visitors Telephone Line

By calling LOCATEL (5658-1111), non-Spanish-speaking visitors can now get attention from bilingual operators, and visitors can learn about the following topics:

  1. Immigration procedures for foreign visitors
  2. Health services available to international visitors
  3. The formal filing of complaints
  4. Recommendations, searches, and location services for missing persons
  5. Medical references
  6. Airport terminals
  7. Exchange rates
  8. Public transportation options
  9. City Government supported tourist services at reduced costs
  10. Information and recommendations on electric vehicles and sustainable transport
  11. Transport to and from sites of interest to international visitors
  12. Important information on non-public but mass events for which further information may be requested The Mexico City Travel App

The app is an essential tool for international visitors to find all the information to make any visit richer and better informed. Information includes not only temperature and weather forecasts, but easy to follow itineraries of varying lengths (from one to seven days) and covering similar themes: where to eat, drink, what architecture to see, and which cultural events to attend.

International visitors also get access to multiple interactive maps of the city with all the important sites interest in relation to the user’s real time location and all linked to deeper and more insightful information.

The app also includes data modules from the App CDMX (formerly known as Alameda Central) such as:

  • WiFi Finder
  • My Tourism Police
  • Precipitation Indicator
  • Air Quality Indicator

Transport modules include:

  • Ecobici
  • MiTaxi
  • Metrobus is an important tool for the broad range of international visitors demanding more from and contributing to the high level that Mexico City offers as an international cultural destination.

About ADIP

The Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP) bears responsibility for developing, designing, and monitoring the implementation of data management policies, open government, digital governance, technological governance, and governance of the technological infrastructure in Mexico City.

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